a hybrid car

A hybrid car is an automobile that primarily runs on two different fuel sources. Modern hybrid vehicles can run using either a gasoline engine or a rechargeable battery. Hybrids continue to gain in popularity due to increased efforts in environmental awareness and high fuel prices. When purchasing your best hybrid car, consider the following facts about these vehicles.

They are Fun to Drive


Most individuals think hybrids are sluggish since they include an electric element; this isn’t true. The electric motor complements the combustion engine to offer better acceleration when required, like when overtaking. In fact, hybrids are more energetic when compared to pure diesel or petrol cars. Thus you can comfortably drive the vehicle at higher speeds on open urban roads or in the city.

Affordable Servicing and Maintenance

When you take your hybrid to your regular approved service center, you should not expect to pay more than what you usually pay for a petrol or diesel vehicle. The maintenance may even be cheaper than your petrol or diesel engine car since less strain is exerted on the engine; thus, you’ll not need to replace the parts frequently. If you take your hybrid for regular checks, you can expect to get optimum performance from your vehicle.

Environmental Concerns

Hybrids are more eco-friendly when compared to pure petrol and diesel cars. This is because they emit less harmful chemicals in the environment; thus, the level of pollution is minimized. Harmful emissions, nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide are reduced by about 90%. Additionally, hybrids are in high demand and depreciate at a slower rate when compared to standard cars; they retain their value.

You don’t Need to Charge the Battery

battery or a hybrid car

Although we have some plug-in hybrids in the market, for most hybrids you don’t have to plug in to charge the battery; these cars use regenerated energy to charge the battery. This is to say hybrids operate like normal combustion vehicles in that you have to stop to fill up with diesel or petrol.

Incentives for Hybrid cars Owner

It will cost you 8 cents per mile to drive a standard car, considering the gas tariff, as for an ordinary SUV, you’ll spend ten cents for each mile. On the other hand, you’ll use about 3 cents per mile to drive a hybrid. This means hybrids are a more energy-efficient and cost-effective option. Today most governments across the world are promoting the production of hybrid vehicles.

A majority of these governments are offering tax cuts to encourage the adoption of these cars. Additionally, a majority of manufacturers provide at least a five-year warranty for the vehicles and a lifetime warranty for the parts.